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The Colorado 4-H Foundation provides positive youth development and education by raising and distributing funds in support of diverse Colorado 4-H programs.

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The Colorado 4-H Foundation Board approved a transition that will continue to honor its 70-year legacy and support 4-H programs and youth in the future. The Foundation will be transitioning from a formal organization at the end of the fiscal year, with assets and fund management responsibility transferring to the CSU Foundation. This transition enables us to realize benefits of scale of our financial investments, in addition to lower administrative costs and simplified operations. We’ll leverage the full support and scale of CSU’s fundraising expertise and organization, including staff within the Office of Engagement and Extension.

The support of our current and past board members is invaluable, and we know their support and guidance will continue. A 4-H Advisory Board will be established to continue to provide fundraising support for our team and program.  We look forward to bringing more funding to our Colorado 4-H programs with this exciting new opportunity.


Why is the Colorado 4-H Foundation transitioning?

  • The Colorado 4-H Foundation has been a longstanding pillar in the 4-H community.   It was founded at a time when CSU Extension did not have the means operate a fundraising arm for 4-H programming.  
  • Since that time CSU has grown the University Advancement unit offering vast resources not previously available.   Thanks to the collaboration between University Advancement, the CSU Foundation, and the Office of Engagement & Extension, Colorado 4-H is now able to take advantage of these resources for fundraising.
  • The transition will provide benefits of scale on financial investments and donations in addition to lower administrative costs, simplifying operations, and enabling us to leverage full support and scale of CSU’s fundraising expertise and organization.

How long will the process take?

  • We anticipate the transition being wrapped up by June 30, 2021.

What will happen to the funds and assets the Colorado 4-H Foundation currently holds?

  • Physical assets such as trailers will be transferred to the State 4-H Office
  • Funds will be transferred to the CSU Foundation for fiscal management.  Funds will be available to the same 4-H programs they are currently designated to support.

What is happening to the board?

  • The 4-H Foundation board plays an active part in the transition it has approved.
  • An Advisory Board will be created to continue to provide fundraising support, including as donors and on scholarship committees. 
  • The structure of the board is TBD, those interested in participating can reach out to Ali Eccleston (

What will happen to the fundraising efforts of the organization?

  • The Colorado 4-H Foundation’s mission of raising funds to support 4-H programs will continue in the work done by the University Advancement team and the Advisory Board. 
  • Existing and future contributions will continue to support our Colorado 4-H youth, programs, and scholarships.

How can I receive information on progress and future efforts?

  • Please reach out to Ali Eccleston ( to sign up for future newsletters and event notifications.


Will current 4-H programs continue to be funded?

  • Absolutely. Colorado 4-H programming has been delivered by CSU Extension for over 100 years and will continue to be funded as it always has been.

How will club charters be handled?

  • The Colorado 4-H Foundation is coordinating with the State 4-H Office to ensure club chartering.

Will current scholarships continue?

  • Yes.   The current scholarship cycle will be managed through the Foundation.  Future cycles will be managed by the Office of Engagement & Extension.

Will all future scholarships require the recipient to attend CSU?

  • No.  The requirement to attend CSU is based upon donor request.  


Are you still accepting donations and other types of support?

Will I be able to designate my donation to help a specific program?

  • We always welcome your generous gift. Should you choose to direct it toward a specific program, we will honor your request.  To discuss how your gift can be best utilized please contact Ali Eccleston (

Will you continue to have the same fundraising events?

  • Currently due to the transition and the COVID-19 pandemic there are no plans for fundraising events like the truck raffle or golf tournament in 2021.  

What needs to happen if I have named Colorado 4-H Foundation as a beneficiary in my planned giving?

  • First, if you have named the Colorado 4-H Foundation as a beneficiary, please reach out! We want to thank you for your generosity and make sure we have all the information we need for the future. Second, we will be working with to let you know how to update your bequest to benefit Colorado 4-H.

Will this affect my automatic monthly donations?

  • Right now, this will not affect your automatic donation. We will be working with you prior to completion of the transition to update your information if necessary.

What will happen to current projects that have already been donated to but not yet completed?

  • We plan to continue all the programs that we are currently funding. If you’ve donated to a specific program that you have questions about, we encourage you to reach out to us directly.

I established an endowment or specific fund, what will happen to it?

  • We want to honor the contributions you have made in the past. We are reaching out to donors directly, if we have not contacted you yet please reach out.


Additional questions can be directed to Ali Eccleston, Assistant Director of Development, Office of Engagement and Extension. 
Phone: (970) 443-4577
Address:  4040 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523