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The Colorado 4-H Foundation provides positive youth development and education by raising and distributing funds in support of diverse Colorado 4-H programs.

Supporting 4-H Is a Colorado Farm Bureau Tradition   arrow

In a recent interview, Colorado Farm Bureau’s Jayde Van Cleave of shared his organization’s perspective about the value of supporting Colorado’s 4-H youth, and why it’s been a sponsor of the program for nearly two decades.

What is Colorado Farm Bureau’s history of supporting 4-H in Colorado?

We’ve been with the Colorado 4-H Program for about 15 years. We’ve supported the 4-H youth ambassadors so they could travel around the state and promote 4-H and now we are involved in supporting the State Leadership Conference.

Why is it important to your organization to support 4-H in Colorado?

We definitely value the program. We believe in investing in our future and we believe 4-H is part of that future investment. 4-H teaches responsibility and work ethic – I can’t highlight the importance of those qualities enough. They are the folks that end up making the best leaders.

Why is supporting 4-H a good fit for Colorado Farm Bureau?

Our grassroots, volunteer organization is involved with all of agriculture. Like 4-H, we start at the county level and do whatever we can do as an organization to help our members be successful. We’re a nonprofit whose aim to help people in agriculture thrive now and in the future, and hope that eventually these young leaders will turn to Farm Bureau and our industry. Agriculture is all around us and it great and awesome.

Were you involved in 4-H?

Yes, I was in the Douglas County 4-H program, in beef cattle and roping clubs. Many of our Colorado Farm Bureau members were also involved and still are today as adult volunteers.

Any parting thoughts?

We believe that 4-H has valuable tools beyond the school environment, especially with hands-on experiences. We just feel 4-H is a perfect starting place for kids to begin to learn leadership skills and we hope as they continue that thirst for leadership throughout their lives, they will turn to organizations like ours.