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The Colorado 4-H Foundation provides positive youth development and education by raising and distributing funds in support of diverse Colorado 4-H programs.

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Colorado Pork Producers Council

The Colorado Pork Producers Council has been a long-time partner, advocate and supporter of 4-H in Colorado. Executive Director Joyce Kelly spoke with us recently about the organization’s purpose and mission and how it aligns so well with the 4-H program.

What exactly is the Colorado Pork Producers Council?

The CPPC was enacted in the 80s and what we do is support the National Pork Checkoff Program in Colorado. Every hog that is marketed or sold in the U.S. is required by law to do the checkoff — producers must pay into a marketing fund each time an animal is sold. Those funds are used by CPPC for industry research, education and promotion.

What is CPPC’s relationship to Colorado 4-H?

That is part of the education aspect of our work. We work with different groups to promote education and 4-H is one of those groups. We’ve been supporting Colorado 4-H since before I came to CPPC about four years ago.

How are currently supporting the Colorado 4-H Foundation?

We help sponsor the State 4-H Leadership Conference every year, and we sponsor buckles and awards at Colorado’s county fairs by giving up to $100 per county. We also sponsor Colorado Junior Swine Association shows, trips to the National Junior Swine Convention and the Colorado’s annual Pork Academy, which brings students together to learn about showmanship, feeding, grooming and judging.

Why is it important to you to support Colorado’s 4-H youth?

We really believe that training people to be advocates for our industry is what’s going to secure our industry in the future. Our future is our youth. Colorado in the 15th largest swine producer in the U.S. with over 1,000 producers in the state. Of those about 90% are small producers and 4-Hers. When we talk about 4-H swine projects in the state, there are over 1,000 in Colorado.

How does CPPS’s values align with 4-H values?

Our mission is to do projects and programming that basically share the sustainability of pork for the world. We call it the “We Care Principles.” We’re educating in ways that are good for people, pigs and the planet.

We’re also starting a new program this year implementing coupons for youth to get their Quality Assurance Program Certification. Every animal that shows in the whole country has to have some kind of quality assurance training. We’ll pay for that testing along with teaching youth how to feed, vaccinate and what’s prohibited.

For you, what is the most rewarding part of supporting our state’s 4-H program?

We always say if you want to get involved, kids and animals are best way to do it. We really believe that nurturing livestock programs help people make better citizens and better stewards who care and understand life, death and responsibility.

Were you or are you currently involved in 4-H programs?

I was active in 4-H growing up and also worked as a high school ag teacher and extension agent in Jefferson county before coming to Colorado Pork Producers Council.

Any parting/additional thoughts?

Please contact us at or 970-356-4964 to learn more about our organization or with any questions about our awards program. It’s a first come/first served process and they go fast!

Colleen Meyer

Colleen Meyer
Leading efforts to steward a vital community of donors at one of the nation’s top universities requires an authentic sense of gratitude and deep understanding of the importance of service to others. As Managing Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship for Colorado State University, Colleen Meyer credits her 4-H experience with helping instill in her the value of service to others—along with countless other benefits. Read on to learn more about her 4-H story.

What is your relationship to Colorado 4-H?

4-H found me! I was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado and with three older brothers, had no choice but to tag along to just about every sporting event you could imagine. When it was my time to “get involved,” my parents tried everything (dance, girl scouts, gymnastics), you name it! Nothing really seemed to light my fire. Then one day, a neighbor mentioned 4-H to my mom. Finally, I had found an organization that ignited my confidence! I was a shy and quiet kid and didn’t have much confidence in who I was let alone who I could become. To this day, I credit
4-H for breaking me out of my shell, providing me with a plethora of leadership opportunities, and encouraging me to explore new possibilities.

Do you have a favorite 4-H memory?

My most meaningful memory was attending the National 4-H Conference in Washington DC. In particular, it was experiencing the opportunity to lay the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I don’t remember how or why I was selected, but along with two other 4-Hers, we stood alongside the soldier, presented the wreath, and trembled as the bugler played taps. It was at that moment that I realized it wasn’t about me, but about serving others. Service to others is the 4-H value that I align with the most.

What is your history of supporting 4-H in Colorado?
I give what I can. Most of all, I share my story of how 4-H positively impacted my life and hope that it sparks an interest in others to get involved or spread the word. When my daughter was little, we would enjoy going to the 4-H Carnival and Larimer County Fair.

Why is it important to you to support Colorado’s 4-H youth?

Although my 4-H experience was more than 30 years ago and times have changed, I can’t help but think that today’s 4-H youth are experiencing some of the same issues I faced (albeit in different ways). They have fears. They have dreams. They also have a network of 4-H alumni, volunteers, and others who are willing to lend their hands and hearts to help 4-H youth achieve their goals-big or small.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful 14-year-old daughter which allows me to experience the challenges and endless opportunities our youth are facing. As a parent, there is nothing you want more than for your child to find a community where they can grow and thrive. Although my daughter chose a different path instead of 4-H (believe me, I tried). I’m grateful that 4-H is a solid organization with a purpose, dedicated volunteers and committed staff who care deeply about the development of our youth.

How do your values align with 4-H values?

Just the other day, I found myself reciting the 4-H pledge to a colleague. I paused and smiled at how happy that made me. If I had to choose, I would pick service. It is core to who I am and always will be. I cannot imagine my life without serving others.


Ford is without a doubt one of the Colorado 4-H Foundation’s most loyal and generous supporters, having donated a brand-new truck to the Foundation’s Raffle Truck Program for 11 consecutive years. The raffle is the Colorado 4-H Foundation’s largest annual fundraiser, helping support 4-H clubs, travel opportunities, scholarships and more. Ford’s truck donations to the Foundation for more than a decade have added up to more than $500,000. Read on to learn more about why Ford remains so committed to supporting Colorado’s 4-H youth.

Please describe your business…

The Mountain States Ford Dealers Association is a group of 39 dealerships in the state of Colorado that sell and service Ford cars, trucks and sport utilities.

How has Ford supported the Colorado 4-H Foundation over the years?

For 11 years straight, Ford has donated an F-150 Truck to be raffled off at a 4-H annual event. To date this has raised more the $500,000 in support of 4-H in Colorado.

Why is it important to your organization to support Colorado’s 4-H youth?

Agriculture is an important part of the heritage of this great country and 4-H exudes the best of the best in promoting youth to follow their dream to be part of this important industry. Your Local Ford Stores know that these kids are the future of America. And anything we can do as local business partners with 4-H will go a long way in solidifying the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

How does the mission/vision of Ford align with 4-H values?

Your Local Ford Stores, like 4-H, are all proud to be part the agriculture community. It takes grit, hard work, and an uncompromised toughness to work these lands, and Ford offers trucks with these some attributes.

What have you found to be the most rewarding part of supporting our state’s 4-H program?

Getting to see how these young men and women carry themselves and take pride in what they do. Seeing them meet and exceed their goals in life.

Are your employees involved in 4-H?

Being a group of Local Ford Dealers, all dealerships are directly involved in the communities around them. Some have employees that are involved in 4-H, but most have seen the impact 4-H has on the areas to which they serve.

Any parting/additional thoughts?

Your Local Ford Stores are proud to be part of the 4-H Program. We take pride in being a small part of raising the funds needed to keep the program going and wish nothing but the best for 4-H in the future.

Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply

Murdoch's Ranch & Home SupplyMurdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply has been a longtime, generous sponsor of our state’s 4-H programs through its support of the Colorado 4-H Foundation. Many Murdoch’s employees are 4-H alumnithemselves and the business has a deep-rooted commitment to supporting the communities it serves. Read on to learn more about Murdoch’s mission and why it’s so valuable to 4-H members in Colorado and other western states. 

Please describe your organization…

Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply is a modern day mercantile devoted to three hard-working, honest ideals: carry lots of down-to-earth merchandise, be a place that the whole family loves to visit and let our gratitude for our customers be evident in every interaction.

The Murdoch’s family of stores are currently located in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, and online. In our stores you will find quality merchandise, great values, and most importantly, knowledgeable, friendly staff who are there to help. Not only will you find everything a working ranch needs, but we also cater to the needs of a regular do-it-yourselfer and the outdoor enthusiast. Take a look around: you’ll find everything from hardware and fencing, to animal feed and health products, to toys and tack, plus much, much more.

What is Murdoch’s history of supporting 4-H in Colorado?

Murdoch’s has long been a proud supporter of 4-H – We have over twenty years of history together!

How is Murdoch’s currently supporting the Colorado 4-H Foundation? 

Each Murdoch’s store works directly with clubs in their communities to help fundraise, build club awareness, recruit new members and volunteers, and provide opportunities to share their work and practice their skills. Murdoch’s also supports Colorado 4-H by providing a discount card for active 4-H members, allowing them to save on various items for their projects throughout the year. In addition to the discounts and support at the local store level, Murdoch’s donates $5,000 in scholarship money each year to the Colorado 4-H Foundation.

Why is it important to your business to support Colorado’s 4-H youth?

Building lasting partnerships and relationships, uniting with those who dedicate their time and energy to strengthen their communities and families, is part of our core values. We know that you put a lot of time and energy into your 4-H projects, and we want to help because we believe in the positive impacts they create. In addition, 4-H is a large part of who we are! A large number of Murdoch’s team members grew up in and with 4-H.

How does the mission/vision of Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply align with 4-H values?

We are committed to family, working with a positive attitude, embracing change, and delivering value. This commitment to our family and communities is a long-standing tradition at our company, and it forms the foundation from which we operate. We believe that, when possible, we can all contribute to making the lives of those in our communities better.

What have you found to be the most rewarding part of supporting our state’s 4-H program?

We love seeing and hearing from current 4-H members – whether in stores or out and about in the community and following them through their projects, from beginning to end.

Were/are you or other employees involved in 4-H?

Many of our employees are former 4-H members!

Any parting/additional thoughts?

If you haven’t already, stop by your local Murdoch’s to pick up your 4-H card today!

Murdoch's Fort Morgan

Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply in Fort Morgan, Colorado


Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, a longtime, loyal sponsor of Colorado’s 4-H youth, supports state programs in myriad ways including the annual Hoshiko Memorial Golf Tournament, State 4-H Conference, Citizenship Washington Focus, Foundation board leadership and more. Read on to learn more about Tri-State’s rich history, mission and shared values with 4-H. 

Please describe your organization…

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is the cooperati

ve power supplier to 43 member distribution cooperatives and public power districts who serve over a million consumers in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. Our 1500+ employees help keep the lights on for homes, ranches, businesses and industries in the region.

What is Tri-State’s history of supporting 4-H in Colorado?

Since our inception in 1952, Tri-State’s roots have been firmly planted in the rural communities which we serve. We have been a supporter of 4-H for many years through our sponsorship of state-wide events and, with our Colorado member cooperatives, annually sponsor the Colorado State Fair’s Junior Livestock Auction.

How is Tri-State currently supporting the Colorado 4-H Foundation? 

We support the Colorado 4-H Foundation through state-wide sponsorships, including the annual golf tournament and the state-wide conference in Fort Collins. Over half of Tri-State’s employees live and work in the rural communities in which we operate, and many have kids in 4-H. Our employees support local chapters through volunteering and in various leadership positions.  

Why is it important to your organization to support Colorado’s 4-H youth?

At Tri-State, we know the value of hard work, of being a leader, and of stepping up to support others. It’s the cooperative way of doing business. We are a proud supporter of Colorado’s 4-H program as we believe being part of the program is an excellent experience for young people across America, and an opportunity to learn leadership and life skills that will benefit them in the future.

How does the mission/vision of Tri-State align with 4-H values?

Tri-State’s mission is to deliver affordable, reliable electricity to our cooperative members, and we align ourselves with the seven cooperative principles, including Cooperation among Cooperatives and Concern for Community.  These principles closely mirror that of the 4-H community: Head, heart, hands and health.

What have you found to be the most rewarding part of supporting our state’s 4-H program?

Tri-State believes it is important to support rural youth in Colorado as they grow into future community and cooperative leaders. We’re proud to see the kids in the 4-H program learn, grow and become successful.

Were your employees involved in 4-H?

So many Tri-State employees participated in 4-H, and still support the program through their own kids. One employee grew up in Lincoln, NE and followed her mother’s footsteps into 4-H. As a city kid, she learned how to cook, balance a checkbook and sew. “I loved my 4-H days and meeting kids from other schools. I did always have a pang of jealousy when I was running around the state fair halls looking to see what ribbon my pillow got, when I’d see a girl with a sheep pass by. I always wanted to be a rural 4-H kid!” -Sarah Carlisle 

Any parting/additional thoughts?

We thank the Colorado 4-H Foundation for all you do for the youth of this state, and for challenging and recognizing all program participants to be the best leaders they can be.

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, a longtime, loyal sponsor of Colorado’s 4-H youth, supports state programs in myriad ways including the annual Hoshiko Memorial Golf Tournament, State 4-H Conference, Citizenship Washington Focus, Foundation board leadership and more. Read on to learn more about Tri-State’s rich history, mission and shared values with 4-H.


Conoco Phillips Logo
Kari Gibson, ConocoPhillips Director of State Government Affairs, Rockies Region, has a contagious enthusiasm for the 4-H program. She recently expressed the tremendous value of her own 4-H experience, why the program is as important as it’s ever been and the decision for ConocoPhillips to invest in Colorado’s 4-H youth. 

What exactly is ConocoPhillips?

ConocoPhillips is the world’s largest independent exploration and production company based on production and proved reserves. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ConocoPhillips had operations and activities in 17 countries, $73 billion of total assets, and approximately 11,400 employees as of Dec. 31, 2017. With an office located in Watkins, ConocoPhillips holds ne

arly 100,000 net acres in northeast Colorado and has drilled nearly 40 horizontal appraisal wells in the Niobrara Denver-Julesburg basin. 

How is ConocoPhillips currently supporting the Colorado 4-H Foundation?  

We started our contribution to the Foundation through our philanthropic giving in 2017 and look forward to continuing our partnership. We’re sponsoring a 4-H club and supporting Citizenship Washington Focus, which is something I participated in when I was in high school. As a former 4-Her, it brings me great joy to participate and give back to the program which influenced me to become the person I am today. The visit to Washington, D.C. encouraged me to intern at the U.S. Department of Agriculture during College and ultimately led to me working there for about a decade. 

Why is it important to your organization to support Colorado’s 4-H youth?

We have a commitment and focus to contribute philanthropically to the areas where we have operations. ConocoPhillips has a passion for developing STEM education and a focus on giving back to communities. Through our support of 4-H we’re able to help create responsible citizens and expose 4-H members to new opportunities. 

How do the mission and vision of ConocoPhillips align with 4-H values?

We are guided by our SPIRIT Values, which is an acronym for Safety, People, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork. These closely align with the mission of 4-H—the commitment they have to local communities and the investment into the people.

What is the most rewarding part of supporting our state’s 4-H program?

If not for the extension agents and adult leaders who chose to invest in me, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I do now.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for my 4-H experience, it was more than just the activities, it was my family’s way of life, my childhood. I was able to receive my internship in Washington, D.C. through a recommendation from an extension agent who helped to broaden my perspective.  The opportunity to invest in young people now is incredibly rewarding, you get the chance to help shape the foundation for their future. 

 What other ways were you involved in 4-H?

My family raises cattle in College Station, Texas, and as the granddaughter of a county agent, I did it all:  leadership, food and nutrition, photography, sewing, steers, heifers, livestock and meat judging. I was also afforded the opportunity to serve as the Texas 4-H Secretary on our State Council.   My dad currently works for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and both my parents were extremely active adult leaders, for us it was a family endeavor which I will cherish a lifetime.    

Any parting thoughts?

Through 4-H you are provided many opportunities to learn real life lessons that you don’t learn in the classroom. My work ethic, responsibility – to win and lose gracefully – are skills you need to learn to a young age. Some of my closest friends today, I met through 4-H. At the end of the day it’s those relationships that carry you through life – we weren’t just showing cattle and participating in 4-H, we were building memories.


Andarko Logo

With core values that include integrity and trust, servant leadership, people and passion, and open communication, Anadarko aligns with 4-H in numerous ways. In this Foundation Supporter Spotlight, Anadarko shares how and why it is committed to supporting 4-H members across Colorado.

Please describe your business …

Anadarko is among the world’s largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies. With operations across Weld County, Anadarko is committed to developing, acquiring and exploring for oil and natural gas resources vital to the world’s health and welfare responsibly. Anadarko’s focus is to deliver energy to the world while upholding the Company’s core values of integrity and trust, servant leadership, people and passion, commercial focus, and open communication in all business activities.

How has Anadarko most recently supported the Colorado 4-H Foundation?

Anadarko has participated in the annual golf tournament and most recently funded the Colorado 4-H Foundation Village at Colorado State University. Anadarko’s partnership with the Foundation dates back to 2009.

Why is it important to your organization to support Colorado’s 4-H youth?

Partnering with agriculture is vital to the success of our business. Every day, we work alongside farmers and their families to responsibly produce the oil and natural gas resources that energize our lives. At Anadarko, we believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the communities where we live and work. We have supported 4-H children across Colorado through the purchase of animals at junior livestock auctions in Weld County, Larimer County, at the Colorado State Fair and the National Western Stock Show. Over the last decade, Anadarko is proud to have invested in nearly half a million dollars in developing the next generation of agricultural leaders.

How does the mission/vision of Anadarko align with 4-H values?

At Anadarko, we are committed to being good stewards of the land while producing the oil and natural gas resources that energize our lives. We take this responsibility very seriously and we hold true to our core values of integrity and trust, servant leadership, people and passion, commercial focus and open communication in all of our business activities.

What have you found to be the most rewarding part of supporting our state’s 4-H program?

One of the most rewarding moments of our partnership with the 4-H community is when a child looks at us, with a smile full of pride and gratitude, after we make the winning bid at a junior livestock auction. That smile is priceless because it assures us that our involvement is supporting the dreams of our future leaders.

Were any of Anadarko’s employees involved in 4-H?

Many of our employees grew up in rural communities across Colorado and participated in 4-H programs. The employees who represent Anadarko at junior livestock sales across the state are 4-H alumni who believe in the dedication and hard work that goes into being a 4-H kid.

Colorado Corn

Colorado Corn Logo
Melissa Walter, Director of Market Development and Member Services for Colorado Corn, recently took time to share the organization’s mission and its perspective on the value and rewards of supporting our state’s 4-H youth through the Colorado 4-H Foundation.

What is Colorado Corn?

The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee manages the corn checkoff in Colorado, where we receive one penny per bushel of corn sold in the state. As per our market order, we are allowed to use those funds specifically for market development, research, and education on behalf of Colorado corn producers.

What is Colorado Corn’s history of supporting Colorado’s 4-H program?

The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee has given a grant every year since 2013.

How is Colorado Corn currently supporting the program?

The CCAC gives the Colorado 4-H Foundation a $5,000 grant, to use as they see fit.

Why is supporting Colorado’s 4-H youth important to Colorado Corn?

Our organization supports Colorado’s 4-H youth because we believe in giving young people every opportunity we can to help them learn about agriculture, and life skills in general. They are our future decision makers, and many of them are our future farmers, so we hope that our yearly grant helps open their eyes to what it means to work and make a life in agriculture.

How does the mission of Colorado Corn align with 4-H values?

In our mission, we encourage farmers to be good stewards of the land, and provide services and education to our communities.

What is the most rewarding part of supporting Colorado’s 4-H program?

The most rewarding part is knowing that our dollars are going to an organization that supports youth development, teaches life skills, and encourages youth to be involved with agriculture.

Were you involved in 4-H?

Yes, I like to say I was “raised” in 4-H for ten years of my youth. Being a 4-H and FFA member opened my life up to agriculture, and my love for the industry comes from the days, months, and years I spent learning how to raise livestock. Not to mention, I had to learn responsibility, communication, and decision-making at a much younger age than most. I give a lot of credit to 4-H for my desire to make my life in agriculture!

Colorado Farm Bureau

In a recent interview, Colorado Farm Bureau’s Jayde Van Cleave of shared his organization’s perspective about the value of supporting Colorado’s 4-H youth, and why it’s been a sponsor of the program for nearly two decades.

What is Colorado Farm Bureau’s history of supporting 4-H in Colorado?

We’ve been with the Colorado 4-H Program for about 15 years. We’ve supported the 4-H youth ambassadors so they could travel around the state and promote 4-H and now we are involved in supporting the State Leadership Conference.

Why is it important to your organization to support 4-H in Colorado?

We definitely value the program. We believe in investing in our future and we believe 4-H is part of that future investment. 4-H teaches responsibility and work ethic – I can’t highlight the importance of those qualities enough. They are the folks that end up making the best leaders.

Why is supporting 4-H a good fit for Colorado Farm Bureau?

Our grassroots, volunteer organization is involved with all of agriculture. Like 4-H, we start at the county level and do whatever we can do as an organization to help our members be successful. We’re a nonprofit whose aim to help people in agriculture thrive now and in the future, and hope that eventually these young leaders will turn to Farm Bureau and our industry. Agriculture is all around us and it great and awesome.

Were you involved in 4-H?

Yes, I was in the Douglas County 4-H program, in beef cattle and roping clubs. Many of our Colorado Farm Bureau members were also involved and still are today as adult volunteers.

Any parting thoughts?

We believe that 4-H has valuable tools beyond the school environment, especially with hands-on experiences. We just feel 4-H is a perfect starting place for kids to begin to learn leadership skills and we hope as they continue that thirst for leadership throughout their lives, they will turn to organizations like ours.

Poudre Valley REA Is A Bright Light in Colorado’s 4-H Community

Poudre Valley REAJessica Johnson, Community Relations Specialist at Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association, recently took time to share the many valuable ways in which the electric cooperative has supported the Colorado 4-H Foundation for more than a decade—and why it continues to do so.

What is Poudre Valley REA?

Poudre Valley REA is a local, not-for-profit, electric cooperative. We provide more than 40,000 members in Larimer, Weld and Boulder counties with electricity. Our mission is providing safe, reliable, efficient energy solutions with exceptional service to our members.

What is PVREA’s history of supporting Colorado’s 4-H program?

We have supported the Colorado 4-H program through a variety of sponsorships—monetary donations, sponsoring and participating in golf tournaments and donating toward the production of the livestock manuals. We have also sponsored the Junior Livestock Sale at the Colorado State Fair for many years along with the other Colorado electric cooperatives.

How is PVREA currently supporting 4-H?

We again sponsored the Colorado Livestock Sale in Pueblo this year which was a great success. Our newest and most recent support for the 4-H program is a joint sponsorship along with other electric cooperatives in Colorado for the 2018 Western National Roundup program.

Why is it important to your organization to support Colorado’s 4-H youth?

Because we are a cooperative, we follow the Seven Cooperative Principles. One is Concern for Community. We care about our members in the communities we serve and want to support them, including our younger members by supporting programs like 4-H, our own scholarship program and sending students on two developmental trips. The “REA” in our name stands for Rural Electric Association. We were established in 1939 and at the time, all our service territory was rural land located outside of the major towns and cities in this Northern Colorado area. There has obviously been a ton of growth since 1939, much of which has been in our territory making some parts seem more urban, but we still serve much of the land that is rural that is used for agricultural purposes and farms and activities that align with 4-H. The youth that take part in 4-H are dedicated, have high work ethic and learn to work with others at a young age. The youth are the future and the qualities that these 4-H kids display are exactly the type of people we want to support.

How does the mission and vision of PVREA align with 4-H values?

We strive to go above and beyond for our member-owners and 4-H participants strive to reach their full potential. They learn to grow and work together and we have another co-op principle that lines right up with that—Cooperation Among Cooperatives. We pride ourselves in open communication and collaborating ideas and efforts with other Colorado co-ops as well as co-ops nationwide.

What is the most rewarding part of supporting our state’s 4-H program?

Knowing that our support is helping advance the development and success of local youth is a great reward. We know that behind each youth 4-H participant is their support system—their family and community, and if we can put our co-op principles to work by benefiting others and that support continues to trickle down the line, that’s about the best reward we could ask for.

Do PVREA employess have personal connections to 4-H?

Yes, many of the employees here at PVREA were involved with 4-H growing up. We have a great team here and it’s safe to say that some of the skills that are prevalent at our organization were picked up and held on to from a young age through programs like 4-H.

Cleon V. Kimberling, D.V.M.

For more than 60 years, Colorado 4-H youth have had a friend, mentor, and tremendous inspiration in Dr. Cleon Kimberling.

Affectionately known by most as “Dr. K,” Cleon’s life-long involvement with 4-H began as a young boy in western Nebraska. It was Colorado A&M and the pursuit of an Animal Science degree that drew him to Fort Collins in 1947. His graduation in 1951 opened the door to a job opportunity as the 4-H extension agent in Prowers County, following service in the Korean War.

After the war, Cleon entered CSU’s Veterinary School. He graduated in 1959 and launched a distinguished career specializing in sheep health that included additional higher education, assisted in the development of a rapid testing procedure which helped nearly eradicate a nationwide brucellosis problem in cattle, and the invention of the U.S.-patented K-R Spay instrument for cattle.

Cleon’s 40-year career at CSU as the state Extension Veterinarian afforded him the opportunity to work with 4-H kids in every corner of Colorado, as well as travel to an astounding number of countries across the globe, from Siberia to Africa to South America, where his expertise helped improve animal health in some of the poorest areas of the world.

“Life is all about service,” Cleon said, and noted that he’s always loved the guiding words of the 4-H oath. “4-H helps young people mature and lead productive lives.”

One of the many ways Cleon’s philosophy of serving others has been put into action is through the establishment of the Kimberling Endowed Scholarship for pre-veterinary students who have been involved in 4-H and exhibited an excellence in food animal production. Dozens of scholars have benefitted to date.

Cleon credits serious goal-setting with his success in life, motivating him at age 65 to embark on an awe-inspiring cycling hobby that’s taken him biking thousands of miles across, throughout and around the U.S.

Dr. K is a humbling example of the kind of deeply fulfilling life that can be created through passionate service to others, a constant drive to set and reach new goals, and a deep sense of gratitude. His mantra is one that individuals of any age would do well to adopt: “Every morning I get up, dress up, stand up and thank God for another day.”